Getting started

Fedimeister is not a standalone Mastodon client, yet. The current development focus lies on creating a supplement to the webclient, adding features and functionality, for creatives, that are missing there. Basic familiarity with the Fediverse is assumed.

System requirements

Fedimeister is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. A Java 8 (or later) runtime environment is required to run the application.

Installation and setup

Fedimeister comes as a single executable file. No Installation (apart from the Java runtime environment) is required. Upon first start, the software will ask for the url of the account to connect to and then start an OAUTH flow that involves registering with that profile. Only the access token is stored locally.

Mac OS Troubleshooting

Error Message: Not from a certified developer

Right click the jar and select Open from the popup menu. Confirm that you want to run the software. Your choice will be remembered for future launches.

Windows Troubleshooting

Error Message: Installation not completed / Unable to install Java

The .jar file extension is not registered with the Java Runtime Environment. This often happens after installing a Zip Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a poll?
Polls are currently not supported.
Why are (some) Emojis shown as empty squares?
Fedimeister shows Emojis as unicode characters, not images. Characters missing from the font are shown as empty rectangles in the application, but will show correctly when published.
Why are the fonts looking ugly?
Fedimeister may have had to use fallback fonts before your system did not have the right ones. The lookup order is "Open Sans", "Noto Sans", "Roboto" and "Arial".