July 6, 2023

Direct download link for Instagram's new 'Threads' Android app

Meta’s new microblogging app “Threads” (aka “Barcelona”) is not available on Google Play in Europe, due to the GDPR . This is actually a good thing, but also prevents research.

For those europeans, who have a research interest, here’s the direct download link for the APK on the Playstore, using the curl command (you can also copy the url directly into the addressbar of your browser, but the filename will be garbled in this case). The URL will expire in two days:

curl -o com.instagram.barcelona-489720145.apk -L "https://play.googleapis.com/download/by-token/download?token=AOTCm0T7ISAb-0YfGnOGkIediA_Qs1cjMAvZ-vQuLrB3ULumddqB3T376pnSU8uxZItCPs7JtSNNKX_4FZZS-8f609W9Rc0FdREg5kD3ALVY1UIIzu5tvz6ypmFrV6WZ62ptSgK6-Yp6Fo0SRDx0QaVnoGUtCsVahcQlo_WXrDWcflHFYdo8trp35_CHIeAlRVbEzH_bLvtsvivoItMDKFG0PxJsrpIUkrTyMwdDA6c80ixwkZo8wx1KBXTrq_YQOuypE6moeovREBVn9Svop1shvFJMKXQIGUyFSaB21wjdOghxvJ2DavIbVwXWLm-6tLKLAXVSjodmKHB7G9JOssNOcFJZmNlmCpddzQAL_ANAtOvTvvkq56aQL9xAPtoItZArtdkWh3GbnfEnwEt_4LCp_xSr6RGW2iAq&cpn=PmyVGwNoZKoc3WI7"

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of the app.